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Now that your marketing machine is booming, it's time to start thinking about bigger deals, partnerships and giveaways.

You can sell on a one-to-one basis in person, via email or cold-call, but how do you expect to do it at scale?

It's time to get some buzz going. There is someone in your niche who has huge fan base.

Imagine being able to instantly find hundreds of influencers in one niche, ready to talk about your company?

Or you can start a giveaway campaign and everyone will go crazy about your company. Did you know that giveaway is the #1 cost-effective method to grow your audience?

But, it takes a lot of work to do press outreach. You can use a PR firm and cash out >$1,000 a month.

PR firms will HATE us. How about if we find bloggers who write for your target audience?

We've partnered with some of the best PR experts in the industry to get our hands to a huge database with over millions of influencers.

Get your product in front of thousands of raving fans when trusted bloggers publish a review.

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