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Animated Video

product demos and explainer videos

If you were on a website and had the choice of watching a video or reading, which would you choose? 

Normally, it costs THOUSANDS of dollars (seriously) and waiting for days and weeks to get a custom animated video done.

Just for our customers only, we've partnered with most talented designers and animators to bring you this amazing service for free every month.

As someone who has paid $200 for a 20-second stock video and $2000 for a crappy animation made by freelancer from Odesk few years ago, I can say this offer is INSANE!

The truth is that everyone (including your customers) will choose to watch a fun video vs. reading.

The moment we see a page chock-full of words we automatically think: Do I really have time for this?

Your customers want instant satisfaction.

And when they hit play on a video, that's exactly what they get.

You can increase effectiveness of your website up to 300% by adding a video. Visitors love video. Google loves video (pages rank better with the video).

How do you take advantage of this preference?

Meet our BizzEngines Video service. Tell us your story and get simple, effective, short and fun video about your product or service. We will create dazzling website videos, product demos, and explainer videos to help you drive traffic, increase conversions and stop people from leaving your website.


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