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A/B Testing

what prompts your customers to take action

Our first attempts in anything (life, sport, business, marketing campaigns, etc.) are sloppy and lame. The truth is 95% of everyone walking the earth doesn't even try to make a second attempt. This is not just another don’t give up thing.

What if you can do 2 or more different attempts in one sit? Will it increase your chance to succeed?

Well, believe us or not there is "method" to do that. This "method" is called A/B testing!

Let’s say you sell shirts online, and there’s a single page with a big “Order Now” button on it.

Maybe only 1% of people click that “Order Now” button... but you want MORE people to click “Order Now”. This will make you more money!

This means you must test the page with different text, different layouts, etc. and see which gets the most people to buy (conversion rate).

We want to test TWO headlines on our page, and see which one wins (That’s why we call it A/B Testing or Split Testing).

So “version A” says:

“Buy the shirt now”

and “version B” says:

“Test out of the most comfy shirt in the world... with a free 30-day guarantee!”

Let some time go by to collect the data and determine which version is better.

Version A: Converts 1% of visitors

Version B: Converts 4.5% of visitors

This means over 4X sales from JUST CHANGING TEXT!!

You see, even the mere title can be the biggest determining factor for sales success. A Headline is the #1 reason people decide to buy your product, click to tweet or share your content.

That's why you should write at least two or even more headlines for every content you publish. We have a magic formula that automatically tests which headline gets the most traffic. If "A" headline fails, then you have "B" to succeed! …All ABC letters to try.

Doesn't your business deserve this same technology?

That's why we created BizzEngines Testing service to make your business more sustainable.

We will do extensive research to discover what really prompts your customers to take action (read: buy and buy again) and pick the winner for you.

And the best part? We can test every element on your website (images, buttons, texts), not just a headline. Maybe you don’t have a traffic problem, maybe it’s conversion we should ditch. Average conversion rates of test optimized websites are above 25%. If you boost your conversion rate to 20%, that means you have 20% more income!

A/B testing = money. Get better results, control your marketing, get at least 20% more traffic.   

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