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Which plan is right for me?

We’ve made Premium plan as much suitable as possible for any tasks. Since you need to update your website several times per day, connect your social media profiles, do split tests aka marketing hacks (different headlines, pages, promotions, deals etc.), optimize your pages for conversion, generate new leads, and get additional yummies. But if you want to keep things simple and 20 small jobs assignments are enough for you, then our Standard plan is for you.


How quickly will I get what I want after requesting it?

Usually, as soon as possible, but no more than 4 hours. Think about us as your concierge with web development skills.


When I will be charged?

The one-time fee for the Full Setup Service is charged the day you open your account. Your first month's subscription is included in the Setup fee. Your first subscription fee is charged 30 days after you open your account.


What’s included in the Full Setup Service?

The Full Setup Service includes all setup required to get your new site ready to launch, in under 3 business days. We will: Setup your design template, make customizations, add your logo & colors, input your information, photos, and other content, connect your social media accounts, and optimize your site for search engines. If you subscribe to the annual option you will get setup for free.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

That’s right. If you’re not satisfied and wish to cancel within the first 30 days of service, we’ll give you a full refund at your request. No questions asked.


Can I change plans at any time?

Changing plans between Standard, Premium and Exclusive is really simple. You can upgrade or downgrade between those plans at any time free of charge.


If I sign up for the monthly option, can I upgrade to the annual option later?

You can join at the monthly price point and then later upgrade to the yearly price point, but we don't refund the monthly payments that you've already made. Upgrading to the yearly plan would give you an additional 12 months on top of what you've already paid for.


Are there any contracts or long-term commitment?

No contracts, no commitment. You can cancel your account at any time.


Can I change my design and layout?

You are never locked into the design we create. Everything is editable, down to the smallest details. There is nothing standing between you and 100% creative freedom. You can ask for redesign at any time as often as you wish, but it means we should reboot whole setup process. As loyal customer you will get 50% off for every setup process. We will create a work version of your site. This helps a lot when you want to make changes to your site – basically we make the change on the work version instead of the live one, we make sure everything works fine and only then transfer to the live site. This way your live site will never break.


How do you guarantee that my credit card number is safe and secure?

We will send you a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS link that you can click to enter your credit card number. We do not store your credit card number. All payment processing is handled by Stripe.


Where BizzEngines service is available?

Anywhere in the world, but if you live in Vancouver BC you can meet us in person 🙂


Do I need to purchase my own web hosting?

No. Hosting is included, no extra charge. BizzEngine is a hosted service. We take care of the technical up-keep, so you can focus on running your business!


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! We make it easy to connect your own domain name. We’re here to help with the setup process (don’t worry, it’s quick and easy!).


What is the difference between BizzEngines and online DIY (Do-It-Yourself) website builders?

You already know the answer. Right? We are your secret weapon. We are here to help you. Instead of building a checklist of features we've honed in on the tools that grow your business. Our service specifically creates website layout and design according to your business goals and personal preferences. You are not limited with built-in options. It's like comparing a tailored suit to a suit bought off the rack. Your business is unique and your website should be also unique. Whether you're a small business or non-profit, blogger or photographer, church or youth group — we've got you covered. Focus on your business, not code or design. You don’t need to learn new UI (user interface) or hassle with templates. It doesn't just mean that you'll be wasting less of your valuable time. It means that you'll be doing more to drive your business forward. We care about your business!


A/B testing, what is that mean?

Whether you’re tweaking your headline or trying out a new design, split testing is the fastest way to find out what works for your audience. With our built-in split testing tool, you can start split testing any variables on your landing pages in minutes, with just five simple steps. Our A/B testing tool lets you track visitor behavior, compare conversion rates, and pick the best-performing landing page. Track button clicks, form submissions, etc.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization), what is that mean?

BizzEngines websites are loved by search engines. They include clean article links, proper tagging, XML sitemaps, valid XHTML code, etc. Blah-blah-blah! What it means? You will get new prospects (for free!) every time people search something relevant to your business. Better ranking in Google = More prospects!


What else should I know?

We'll take care of all the boring hassles like servers and hosting. We do all technical routines proactively without your involvement. Routines include updating and upgrading code library, secure offsite backup, monthly security scan, etc. Why it matters? Because up to date code means your site will not be hacked, hijacked, defaced or slowed down. Don't settle for a sluggish solution. If you do, it will cost you more than just time. Pages that light and nimble (aka up to date code) load quickly and convert more.


If you still have questions, let us know.

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Money Back Guaranteed

We want to make sure every customer is completely happy with our services. We treat your business as our own. We want to share interesting and helpful stories with you. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service, all you have to do is let us know, and we’ll re-do everything at no additional charge. That’s why we offer a full refund and money-back guarantee for 30 days.

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